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My name is Silvia Bruno and I am the Founder of JUST GO ENGLISH. We are an international team of senior English teachers with expertise in English teaching to adults at all levels and for different professional or study needs.

Every one of our teachers is a professionally certified teacher, mother tongue, with several years of experience in teaching. We are passionate, enthusiastic, and versatile with different backgrounds and different strength areas. Thanks to this diversity we will be able to meet different needs and make our strengths your strength.

What We Do?

At JUST GO ENGLISH we are aware of the difficulties that adult students face when trying to improve their English level: lack of confidence, lack of practice, frustration for not advancing after years of studying English and a limited amount of time to dedicate to learning, to mention just a few...

Our teachers come from different sectors and backgrounds so that we can find the teacher suited for You and your needs offering a unique 1 to 1 approach.

As the founder of JUST GO ENGLISH, I will be your first contact during the discovery call to define together your personal English journey and to assign you the best teacher based on your specific needs.

We can shape our offer according to your needs and budget ranging from the sole use of our Cambridge learning platform to a coaching individual approach. 

Why We Do It?

At JUST GO ENGLISH your success in English learning is our success. This is why our competence, expertise, and skills will be at your disposal to support you throughout the journey of English learning.

With JUST GO ENGLISH it is the course that is built around the student and not the student adapting to the structure of the course so that you can define the learning pattern that really works for you.

What Our Clients Say


Donata Zanotti

Freelance photographer

"An excellent experience. I am personally keen on the use of digital platforms for courses. From home or at my studio, I could follow my classes easily."


Dino Vannini

Head of Editorial & Communication, Sky Arte-Sky Arts Production Hub

"My morning English lessons are undoubtedly one of the most successful outcomes of my professional re-organisation. From the very start, Silvia has managed to organise our 1 hr online lesson into two well-balanced parts (taking into account Covid -19 situation).

The first part being on conversation related to business issues , the second focused on reading comprehension using articles. For me, this experience is a Yes!..."


Maria Vittoria


Founder of Evidentia

"I personally think that online lessons work well for many professionals who have little time and are often around.

Video calls and video conferences are also the way we happen to meet our English-speaking clients these days so my lessons are a good opportunity to practice English using the same media."

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